I have been married to the most wonderful man, Jon, for 28 years.  We have 7 beautiful children.  Daniel, who is newly married to Abigail, Matthew is 21, Rebekah is 18, Emilee is 14, and we have two children in Heaven.  Throughout our marriage, we have faced deep trials and long journeys.  Our first year of marriage we saw 19 different doctors until it was discovered my husband had a rare sleeping disorder.  All of our children were born with serious illnesses most of which they have now overcome.

     Jon and I pastored 3 distinctly different churches, showing much growth during our times at each, only to have all three end abruptly in horrible, senseless ways.  We have walked through unemployment, shattered dreams, loss of visions, great illnesses and more.  BUT we have never walked alone!

     I walked 5 years with very severe depression and anxiety.  Praise the Lord! God healed me and I have been in remission since summer of 2012.  In August of 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a radical left breast mastectomy.  I have undergone 5 reconstructive surgeries and am still walking that journey to healing on a 10 year chemo plan.  Last year my husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinsons so we are now on a new journey.  

 We have home-schooled all of our children graduating two so far with the girls coming along behind.  I have discipled women, started women’s ministry’s, and taught many bible studies.  Jon and I have worked with pastors and their families in various phases of ministry especially through hurt and disillusionment.  We have also led marriage retreats and counseled couples. Our home is always open to those in need and we intentionally practice hospitality.  I love to be with my family, read, garden, and cook.

     Our story has not been easy.  Our marriage hasn’t always been great.  Our parenting has been far from perfect.  We have been through deep hurts, scary times, lonely times, hard times, and many Victorious times.  Through each chapter of my story one thing remains the same….God is always the VICTOR and my walk with Him has always grown deeper through each journey.

It is my strongest desire that this ministry will help equip you wherever you are in Your story/journey to indeed GROW DEEPER IN HIM!